Barnyard Theatre - 9th Feb'14TT
Time Out & Traveltime offers friendship and fun                       Travelling down roads least travelled                                    Visiting places not normally seen by tourists                                Great company and excellent meals are to be expected                              It transfers you out of your everyday life!



Clarens-Free State
10th-16th November 2013
Just want to send my appreciation for arranging such a lovely holiday and for being so gracious. It was very memorable, and I really enjoyed every moment. Please do thank Brian for all his support and hard work too.

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Clarens-Free State
10th-16th November 2013
Thanks to you and Brian for a super trip. I had a great time and got to know really nice people.

The organisation was exceptional.

Looking forward to the next one.

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Garden Route Tour
22nd  -24th October 2013
Mom really enjoyed the tour.  She could not stop talking about how great everything was.
She was very grateful for the personal attention given to her that made her feel relaxed and safe.  She said that she would love to do this once a year but she would also love to go on more frequent day trips and outings. Please keep us up to date with outings via your news letter.

Thank you for making my mom's first ever "alone" trip memorable.

Spring Flower Tour
27th-31st August 2013
Thanks again for a wonderful tour of the Mud , slush and snow of the Eastern Cape.
I believe very  few people have the privilege and foresight to book such a tour ! Sometime in the future you should consider arranging tours to see the Flowers of the same area !!! I believe they are quite  special.
PS regardless of the weather etc we  had a great time and enjoyed the camaraderie and the  fellowship as well as some of the  of the plan "B "tours  you arranged  at the last minute   

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Spring Flower Tour
27th-31st August 2013

I found the lovely pictures on Face Book.. and always with some trepidation of what one looks like , but, brilliantly done Brian !!
Yes, this time the much vaunted cold front seems to be a figment of the forecasters' imagination, sadly not so last week, tough I was sooooo hoping.
The Tour was still really really lovely, and I enjoyed it immensely, and have to thank you really sincerely for all your energy and fantastic organisation
John was already saying, "Where are we going next?" and believe me, from someone who is hardly ever shifted from home and hearth , that is a compliment to you indeed...

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Sutherland & Prince Albert
12th-16th May 2013

Many thanks for a wonderful tour, filled with happy memories.   Isabel and I enjoyed it so very much.   We saw such beautiful and interesting places and met so many special people and you were both so patient and kind.   Nothing seem to faze you and everything such seem to go so smoothly.   It was great just to sit back and just enjoy the ride!
We will definitely be going on a tour with you again.

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Sutherland & Prince Albert
12th-16th May 2013

Just a note to say thank you for the wonderful tour.  I learnt so much and enjoyed so much!  And, seeing Saturn through the telescope was one of the highlights!
You and Brian are just great – kind, patient, tactful and a great sense of humour.  I really appreciated you both, as I am sure do other travellers.  I trust that you daughter will soon be feeling better.I have now discovered your website and what a beautiful and well planned website.  May I also receive your newsletter?
I look forward to seeing you both in the not too distant future.

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Earth Hour-Stanford
22nd-24th March 2013

Thank you both for arranging such a great weekend. It was so peaceful & relaxing & most enjoyable. You really have the knack of finding wonderful accommodation. We all had a really good time with all the fun & laughter (certainly no shortage of that). As always your hard work & organization is greatly appreciated.

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Mystery Venue Tour
9th December 2012

Our thanks to you both for making us feel so much at home, and the odd joke doesn't hurt!
The trip was really comfortable, the Blaauwklippen market was a great find, and the Schoongezicht lunch, well, my expanded waistline says it all!  
We hope that we can join you again on one of your future trips, so please keep us posted.    

Wishing you continued success in your business,
and have a peaceful and enjoyable festive season.

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Route 62
18th-21st November 2012
Thank you very much for organizing our lovely trip. It must have been so stressful for you not knowing until the last minute f we would go or not and then having to check every day if all was peaceful and safe.  (Farm-workers strikes).
Heartfelt thanks for all your hard work and worry levels. We all enjoyed ourselves and the quietness and tranquility of McGregor. Great food and accommodation. A getaway much appreciated.

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Route 62
18th-21st November 2012
Thank you Carol & Brian for a wonderful 4 days on your Route 62 Tour. Excellent accommodation, food, company and sightseeing Well done and God bless

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West Coast Art
8th-10th February 2012

I write to thank you most sincerely for a most incredible three days.  I never realized, I needed a holiday so badly, and your trip, could not have been better.  It was tooooo marvelous.  THANK YOU.
Your organization, selection of accommodation, selection of the art teacher, etc, etc, was to absolute perfection.  I loved travelling with Dawn, Elaine, Ruth, Gilly and yourself.  We all seem to be of the same `ilk’.  Old worlde ladies, who appreciate nice, quaint, refined, experiences.
I look forward to joining you on many, many other trips.

Driefontein Farm
(Surprise Destination)
11th December 2011

Thank you for a fabulous day yesterday. Well organised, a bunch of fun people and I have to agree - the best lunch of the year. It was a real treat. Many, many thanks to you and Carol, and may 2012 be an amazing year for you both and Traveltime.
Marilyn Hallett

Driefontein Farm
11th December 2011

What an Awesome lunch, yes, best lunch of the year! Many thanks to you and Carol. Best wishes to you and the Family for Christmas and may 2012 be just as successful for TimeOut & TravelTime.

Driefontein Farm
11th December 2011

I have just logged into your report of our outing yesterday – gee wiz you are really fantastic  getting it all on so quickly.  What an enjoyable day I had once again.  I have never eaten so much before – such delicious food and if I had had more space, believe me I would have had more, I dearly wanted to sample more of the puds – but it was impossible.   What an unusual venue, and again one that I would never have experienced had it not been for you.  Once again, thank you for a year of fabulous trips and friends – I am so very grateful to you both and well appreciate all the hard work and effort it takes to “keep the ball rolling”as it were.  I wish you both a very blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2012, filled with good health and happiness.  See you next year. 
Fondest regards,

Driefontein Farm
11th December 2011

Thank you so much for the fantastic outing to Driefontein - what a stunning place and as they said "the food was fit for kings and queens" even better. I had a wonderful day and wish you and Brian a very Happy Cristmas and New Year and may it bring peace and goodwill to you.
All the very best - Di

Napier Patat Festival
17th-19th June 2011

Just a short note to tell you and Brian how much I enjoyed our short time at the Patat Festival.
I think Brian has missed his vocation; he made such a realistic scarecrow that even the passers-by had to photograph him. 
The market, the children and the parade took me back to a village which is still unspoilt by our "Big Town" progress.   Hopefully Napier will remain that way for a long while to come.  Looking forward to the next trip,

Kruger / Mpumalanga
10th-15th May 2011

Thank you so much for a Wonderful Trip,
I am still on a High.
My most memorable moments will always be the encounter with the Lions and Rhino’s in the Park and the Elephant Whispers.
I have put on a kilo with the delicious meals ( which was worth every spoon full ). The company was great and as for the shopping well that’s my forte. Yes we were extremely lucking having Sam, he certainly was our “Man”
Thank you once again, looking forward to many more.

Kruger / Mpumalanga
10th-15th May 2011

Eleven of us arrived in Nelspruit, all ready to go
With 12 suitcases, how, we don't want to know
Sam was our man
He drove us here and there, that was the plan
Jacques, Rufus and Redman
Showed us animals galore
Although saturated we wanted more

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Kruger / Mpumalanga
10th-15th May 2011

I commend you CAROL, for planning a perfect, stress free, trip to Mpumalanga, for 11 of us.
Your organisational skills, are exceptional!!!
You deserve an award. GAY and I (and I am sure the others as well) enjoyed THE TIME OF OUR LIVES!!""

Westcoast Art - Jacobsbaai
February 2011

This little note is just, once again, to say a very sincere thank you to you for a wonderful three days away with you and the girls.  What an uplifting time it was for me – wish I could do it all over again.  I had forgotten that there were such caring and loving people around.    Looking forward to the internet update and next news letter.  With love.

Lalibela Game Reserve- October '10
Elephants, Lions and Giraffe at Lalibela
were all over the place
When the Traveltime ladies invaded their space.
Some were so close you could smell their breath
It became a bit scary and reminded us to be wary.
It was a time for early mornings, food and fun

The drummers were great and enjoyed by everyone.
Thank you Carol for organising such an exciting adventure
The memories we made will last forever and ever.

Lalibela Game Reserve- October '10

  • Would you believe that blankets can fight back? Well they can. We found out just when they were needed the most

  • Did you know that blankets could be slippery? Well they can.
    We were happily driving along in an open Land Rover, looking for game. The wind was blowing; our hats were blowing off and the blankets had minds of their own. We wrapped them around our legs, but they slipped off!
    We would sit on them and they would slip away; whatever we tried, they slipped away!

  • Then we started laughing; it was fun trying to outsmart the blankets! Everyone gave us ideas, but none worked.
    I am afraid to admit that the blankets finally won!

Mindlands Meander - Natal - April '10

  • Thank you Brian & Carol  for such an enjoyable trip to the Midlands. As usual everything was tip-top! Such good organisation & team work. (Di Mc Onie).
  • Thank you for "time out" in Traveltime which I very badly needed. For 5 days I didn't have a care in the world and have come home feeling very relaxed. As always you did a fantastic job! (Annette)
  • Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful week in the Midlands Meander. Wish we were still there. Your photographs are beautiful Brian, thanks for the memories. (Barbi).

Gastronomica - Knysna - September '09

We all went to Knysna in a bus
What a party and a half for all of us
We cooked in a kitchen so so clean
The food was delish and so so mea
n - Batwoman

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25th June - 3rd July

Have just looked at your web site and relived our wonderful holiday.  Brian you have done a really superb job and I’m sure that anyone who looks at the site will want to go on a similar trip.  Well done!!   Just wished that you lived a little nearer as we enjoyed your company so very much.  Just let us know of any other exciting destinations. Norman & Ann (Benoni, Gauteng). PS Only Norman, Ann & Brian reached the top of this BIG MAMA dune!

Sutherland Trip - July '09

hank you so much for the photos-what a lovely memory. It was a really fantastic experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed. All of which is thanks to your incredible organisation which was truly amazing. Beanie Babe Sybil

Sutherland Trip - September '08
The brightest stars in the starry, starry skies in Sutherland last weekend were not those in the sky but you two on the ground.  
Thanks for organising such an amazing experience for us.   The accommodation, the food, the company, the diamonds in the sky
were unforgettable.  
Can't wait for the next Traveltime, wherever it is.

Overberg Trip - April '08
Carol, MY words could not express how much I enjoyed the Overberg with you. I, personally, and so did the others, Bridget and Co., felt that you had designed our accommodation to suit us individually. Even though you had not visited our Greyton accommodation I felt that you just knew it was for us. Also thanks for the fact that every room was shower friendly, just to make my life easier
The camaraderie on the coach was unbelievable and as for J.P. what an initiation he had with a bus-load of old ducks. I bet he is still recovering. He was an absolute star.
I wanted to tell you which was my favourite place we visited but I can't because they were all so great and I enjoyed every moment. The fun and relaxation was exactly what I needed last week after a stressful time but, Carol, you cured all that.
Don't stop doing what you do. You are first class and I admire and love you very much