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27th February '14

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The slide show above presents select  photos taken on the day..


Skoonsustersbos Farm is where Amanda Viljoen and her family grow tomatoes. This was our "out of the ordinary"  destination today. What an absolutely fabulous day it was. The above photos show just how much time was spent by the family and friends to make our day a memorable one.

Our visit to Hopefield was motivated by an article in the Country Life magazine exposing Amanda Viljoen who grows tomatoes in tunnels on her father’s farm, Skoonsustersbos.  When initially we approached Amanda she suggested lunch in the garden – well we were blown away by the family’s generosity and the wonderful lunch we all enjoyed.
This farm, just outside Hopefield was our venue for the day today and on arrival at 11h30 we immediately went on a tour of the tunnels to see the little tomato plants.  Amanda has a real passion for what she does and she made the tour of the tunnels interesting for the ladies.

On arrival in their garden we were all excited with what greeted us.  They had laid out tables  for lunch neatly positioned in the shade under specially erected awanings.  Their preparations were par-excellence – huge jugs of iced tea, cold water were waiting on the hot day.

The buffet table was laden with Mediterranean treats – yoghurt cheese; sundried tomatoes; decadent breads by Mathe of Once upon a Bread; olives etc which the ladies eagerly tucked into.
They had also set out a mini-market with the delicious breads and cinnamon twists to-die-for; jams, relishes and even a lady who made lovely quilts.  Yes Amanda also had some of her "long life" tomatoes on sale.
Helena of Simply Bees gave the ladies a talk on her products, which was very interesting. So many products from bees, WOW!

Amanda, her sister, mom & dad waited on us – quiches with fabulous salad followed by a rich cheesecake.  No sooner had we finished this than they arrived with huge meringue pavlova's; one topped with granadillas and one with figs……..Nothing was too much trouble – shortly after this meal the tea/coffee arrived and we then had to be on our way by 2.15 pm.

On leaving the farm we headed for Helena’s Simply Bee store in the village of Hopefield.  Several purchases were made!  Thank you Helena for the gifts which we gave out to lucky numbers – the ladies were thrilled with this!

A short visit to Ilse Mostert and her quirky art and jewellery under the Got2 brand had many ladies saying how interesting the recycled products were. It was then back onto the N7 with direction Cape Town.

What an extraordinary day, which exceeded all expectations. Also it was great that there was a bit of a breeze and the heat held off for a while.

Amanda (in the apron) with family and friends. (Carol is at the centre back).
Published 28th February '14