Barnyard Theatre - 9th Feb'14TT
Time Out & Traveltime offers friendship and fun                       Travelling down roads least travelled                                    Visiting places not normally seen by tourists                                Great company and excellent meals are to be expected                              It transfers you out of your everyday life!


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Skoonsustersbos Farm
27th February 2014

Just been reading about future outings.  Thank you for a great outing last Thursday.  I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and lunch with the hens and chicks and the sound of the roosters.    The tomato growing was most interesting, but she obviously works hard.  I took your advice and was properly shod!   A great day out and good to see you looking so well.

Skoonsustersbos Farm
27th February 2014

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you both for such an enjoyable outing to Hopefield, it was a very memorable day.  I am so looking forward to joining you on many future trips.  Thank you so much.

The Spice Route
26th September 2013

Thank you for a wonderful day to Paarl.
I appreciate your care, concern, attention to detail and all the trouble you go to make the day
enjoyable and exciting!
Congrats on the five star lunch!

Time Out is 13
25th July 2013

Thank you so much to you and Brian for organising such a lovely 13th year anniversary celebration. It was obvious that such a lot of effort was put into arranging the mystery venue and the montage of pictures with the beautiful accompanying music, and for ensuring that everyone received a gift. It was another super, relaxing day spent with a group of lovely people!

Time Out is 13
25th July 2013

Thank you for a lovely day yesterday,
food and venue excellent!!
Quite excited about the Hilton Ross voucher, shall let you know all about it once Mom and I have been.


Time Out is 13
25th July 2013

Thank you for a great day out!  Your hard work
and organization are really appreciated. 

A big ‘thank you’ to you and Brian.


Time Out is 13
25th July 2013

Thank you so much for a lovely day spent with yourselves and the beautiful ladies of TOLC.
Everything was special and presented with love
and generosity.
Please include me in the outing for the 22nd August.
Looking forward to many more days in your company.

Almenkerk & Pool Room
28th February 2013

This is just a note to thank you for a lovely day's outing to Elgin. What a great group of ladies, all so friendly and cheerful, despite the delay at Peregrine caused by the gear problem. I will definitely be coming on some more outings.

31st January 2013

Yet once more an incredible day, with
Every minute was memorable...especially the "bokkies" admiring the bokkies, then eating the cheese made from their milk.


Fresh Restaurant - Elgin
26th January 2012

Time Out bus trip proved refreshing. We were served FRESH 'vegies', from the Paul Cluver garden. The Restaurant and Toilet had FRESH flowers. Passenger Frank was FRESH off the Queen Mary2 and thought he had lost his wallet, but later found one of his table companions (quite innocently) sitting on it. Two coach drivers later, we arrived home to a FRESH gale. Loved every minute of my day.

Langkloof Roses
27th October 2011

Has been a week of `bonding`.
Thursday spent lounging at LANGKLOOF rose farm.....lovely. Regard myself as being very fortunate!

Pierneef a la Motte
28th July 2011

  • A day of rain, but the cozy fire, the warmth of the members and guests and the spectacular lunch provided the setting for a fantastic day.

  • Thank you for a Wonderful day, the venue was stunning the food delicious and the company perfect. A very successful day – Well done to you both.

  • Thank you so much for a lovely day spent with lovely people at a fantastic venue.

  • The setting was sublime, the food excellent and the company at my table really good.  Opened my goody-bag when I got home and am absolutely thrilled with it!  Thank you both so very much for all the trouble and effort you go to to make Time Out such a special club.

Mushrooms & 8@Spier
30th June 2011

Just experienced FUNKI FUNGI (mushrooms) and nervously watched a cheetah released from the back of a bakkie at Spier. From fungus to fastest, plus plenty more, in one day with Time Out Ladies.

Feathers Inn - Piketberg 27th May 2010

  • Just to thank you for a wonderful day, I really needed the recharge, and break, the feel of 'time out' again.  Really inspires one to see exactly what people are doing out there, making a difference and getting on with their lives.
    What a wonderful spread for lunch, absolutely fab days outing. 

  • Thanks so much for making life better for others.

Paternoster Trip - January '09

A day like today will switch me off for another 2 days !
Lovely Restaurant, ambience super