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& Klein Roosboom Wine Estate
9th February '14

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The slide show above presents select  photos taken on the day..


We headed off from the city to the Durbanville Wine Estates and a very pleasant wine tasting @ Klein Roosboom was enjoyed (in fact, more of a ‘catch up’).  We had not seen each other since the first week of December and there was much to say.
The owner of Klein Roosboom, Karin, who is also their wine maker told us her fascinating story.  Wine was consumed and purchased and their olives were also enjoyed and bought to take home!

Next stop was the Barnyard Theatre in the Willowbridge Shopping Centre.  We were about the first party to arrive which gave us time to purchase a drink – a few of the ladies came back with delightful-looking cocktails, and wait for our snack platters which were eagerly devoured.
The show “80’s Versus 90’s” was fantastic.  If you thought you didn’t ever like loud guitar music, you certainly changed your mind after the performance.  It was a very exciting, pulsating performance.  Everyone was almost dancing in their seats – one of the lead male roles had us ladies ‘swooning’ with his impressive ‘six-pack’.

During the interval everyone was enticed into their dressing up room and what fun we had posing for a photo………amazing what large hats, sun glasses and scarves do to a bunch of people!

We all left the theatre in high spirits and never anticipated what awaited us on our way home.  Our coach broke down just outside the Willowbridge complex.  Sadly this ended up in an hour-and-a-half delay (initially the mechanic who arrived could not fix the problem) and another 44seater coach had to be sent to collect us.
However, everyone was treated to a drink at a local restaurant in Willowbridge and this gave us more time to go-over-the-show!
Thank you one and all for a great Sunday afternoon – we MUST do it again soon!

Published 24th February '14