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Community Involvement

Christmas 2008

At the end of October the Time Out Ladies Club was called upon to fill Christmas bags for the school children at Goedgedacht. Wonderful bags that doubled as Sports Bags were handed out and soon were ready to be collected and taken to Goedgedacht for the Annual Christmas Party.

The “Path Out of Poverty Programme” was started 10 years ago.  Ten years of patient shaping, nurturing and nudging young people along the Path out of Poverty.  Ten years of watching nearly a thousand rural children grow in confidence and happiness.  Goedgedacht is very near and dear to many of the Time Out Ladies and Janet Perrott had the following to say about our contribution:

‘A very big and sincere thank you for the marvellous help and support you and your friends in the Time Out Club gave to my Christmas bag and gift appeal.
You can imagine what a relief it was for me to know that so many bags were taken care of.
Please will you give a very big "thank you hug" to all the very kind and generous people who "went to town" for our children.

They were all so excited and thrilled, they danced and sang and went crazy with joy. It was so wonderful to see their surprise and happy smiles especially knowing that they come from such damaged and poor home circumstances.

Please will you convey my very sincere gratitude to all who contributed so generously and willingly to make this a very special Christmas for these young people. I can assure you have made their Christmas a truly happy one.
God bless you all for your goodness and kindness.

These photos clearly show just what a huge difference we have made in the lives of these children………….after all what is life without giving of ourselves!