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Wednesday 21st March 2012  


De Grendel's newly-opened restaurant unlocks new ways to enjoy fine food with fine wine. Diners sensing Michelin-star excellence on the palate will be spot-on as De Grendel Restaurant is a culinary collaboration between De Grendel and Crown Hotels and Restaurants who owns the Michelin starred The Crown at Whitebrook (voted 2011 Best Restaurants in Wales) and Celtic Manor.

The French celebrate the Fêtes des Vendanges; the Italians their Festa dell’uva, while in the lush
Durbanville valley the winemakers celebrate the fruits of their labour with the annual Feast of the Grape.
Hosted on eleven wine farms and falling on Human Rights Day, the event marks the end of the grape harvest and the arrival of autumn with a one-day feast filled with grape gastronomy, country fare, live music, squishy grape-stomping, hay rides in the vineyards and, yes, plenty of seasonal wines to sip. We were not able to visit all estates in one day, and therefore selected 5 of the total which we felt offered the best activities on the day.

We started our morning off at De Grendel and the ladies enjoyed wine tasting in their tasting room.  (Of course they all HAD TO HAVE some to take home with them). The patio has stunning views of the City and the Mountain. 

Their flag ship restaurant was only opening today (Wednesday 21st March) and had been booked out.  A set menu was to be served in very elegant surroundings - what a view of the surrounding vineyards you have from this restaurant and we feel sure this restaurant will be very popular!

Nitida was our second stop.  We quickly commandeered a large table where we could all sit together.  Some of the ladies enjoyed sushi; some a decadent lamb burger; and two ladies shared a picnic basket.  Elaine in her gorgeous hat seems very happy to be sitting next to Bridget.

The very 'elegant' green bucket was our ice bucket at Nitida.  Heather, Ingrid and Gilllie all enjoyed their cool wine and catching up.  Francois Ferreira had a cook competition going on right outside the restaurant.  It was interesting to watch the antics of the contestants making their rooster-koek.

Caroline who has recently become engaged shows off her engagement ring to a friend.  Bridget meanwhile had antics with the picnic basket!  Much happiness and joking followed her leaving part of her meal.........

Our happy bunch after lunch - now we have TWO ice buckets - after all it was an extremely hot day and a girl has to enjoy cool wine!

Our next stop was D'Aria where some of us watched a private wedding ceremony taking place.  What elegant outfits this lady had on.

Our very last stop was Altydgedacht where everyone felt like a Gelato ice cream.  Unfortunately the ice cream vehicle had 'sold-out' before we arrived, so Sandy chose the 'next best' - a cream soda float!  Marie decided she had better feed Heather some apple pie and cream..........a fun day out was had by all in the Durbanville Hills area.

Published 24th March'12