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26th -30th August 11

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Natures Bounty

The slide show above shows select flower photos taken over the 5 days.
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Other photos and details are published below.

Day 1: Friday 26th August. Destination Posburg-West Coast National Park

Much anticipation at the start of the 5 day Spring flower tour,  The day in Cape Town seemed spoiled with rain and the entire drive up the R27 was in rain! However, once we arrived at the West Coast National Park the sun was shining through the clouds.

The morning started out cold and rainy and put a bit of a damper on our enthusiasm. By the time we reached our meeting place at Tableview beachfront things looked a lot brighter and we were able to meet the Southern Suburbs passengers, transfer their luggage into the trailer and head out for the West Coast National Park and our first day of flower viewing in Posburg.

First stop was Geelbek restaurant where we collected our picnic lunch, with the proviso that we would return to eat it there, should the weather turn foul.

By the time we reached Tsaarsbank braai area the weather had cleared sufficiently to allow us to unpack our "goodies" on the trailer and enjoy the chicken wraps and tremmazini's with a glass of wine or fruit juice.

The sun played it's part by providing the warmth and brightness to allow the flowers to display their beauty.

Pat getting down to the right height to capture the splendour. This is the start of what turned out to be a spectacular flower season up the West Coast.

The group trying to be more glamorous than the field of white daisies behind them.

We left the park mid afternoon and travelled the short distance to Darling, where we would spend the night at either Darling or Trinity lodges.

Pre dinner drinks were enjoyed at Bistro Seven in the Main Rd., a quaint restaurant and ladies bar which is well worth a return visit for a meal.

Dinner was served in the dining room of Trinity Lodge and cooked for us by Chef Debbie McLachlan of Hilda's Kitchen on the Groote Post Estate. Debbie and husband Shaun own the lodge.
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Published 5th September '11